Question : How to Book a therapy session?
  1. Click on the Book Appointment button.
  2. A page will open which asks you to input your details.( Enter valid details)
  3. Choose where are you from (India or Outside of India)
  4. Choose the slot
  5. Payment page opens
  6. Proceed ahead with making payment.
  7. Once the payment is done.Kindly wait for the Calendly link to open.
  8. You have to again choose the same slot from Calendly page to receive the google meet link.
  9. Choose your slot and you will receive a Google meet link in the email you had used to book appointment. (Kindly check you spam folder if not received in Inbox)
  10. If not received kindly whatsapp us @ 9919633331.
I ll be available in the session. Looking forward to helping you Heal, Nourish and Thrive.
Question : Are there any issues and clients that you don't work with ?

Clients and issues that I am currently not working with are-

  • Schizophrenia and Psychosis
  • Gifted Children and other Developmental disorders
  • Queer affirmative counselling (We will start soon)
  • Couple and Family therapy sessions (We will start soon)
  • Client having a case in court of law
  • We wont be able to provide you any certification or any document to produce in court of law or in your workplace.
  • We are not a suicide helpline nor we have an inpatient facility.
  • We don't provide emergency services. 
Question : Does Mental Health with Kanishka accept insurance?

No, as if now we do not accept any insurance.

Question : Payments and Refunds
  • Sessions are Prepaid.
  • For citizens living in India charges per therapy session are Rs 950 for 50 mins session .As a therapist I provide therapy sessions at competitive, reasonable and affordable rates . 
  • For individuals living outside of India (USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,SINGAPORE,UAE,NEW ZEALAND,UK) charges are 19$ for 50 mins session.
  • In case of any refunds - Refund once initiated from our side will show up in your bank account within a week.
  • Kindly also refer to our Rescheduling and Cancellation policy for the same.
  • We don't accept Cash or Cheque.

In case of any query kindly send us a Whatsapp message @ +91-9919633331

Question : What is your Rescheduling and Cancellation policy ?
  • Rescheduling and cancellation cut off time is 12 hours prior to the timing of your session.
  • Sessions once started won’t be refunded a new session would have to be booked again.
  • If in any case you are not able to join I will wait for you for 15 mins after that the session will be considered a missed one.
  • You can always inform us prior to the session timing if you are going to be late by sending a WhatsApp message on +91-9919633331
  • If you're late the session will end at the time it was supposed to end.Timing of the session won't be extended.
  • No refund will be initiated after the cancellation cut off time of 12 hours.
  • It might happen that your therapist might face some emergency as such he might have to cancel the session in that case either we will reschedule the session or I will initiate the refund.
Question : What is your confidentiality policy?

Everything you say in sessions is CONFIDENTIAL. What this means is that we will not be talking about you to anyone else without your permission. If I may see you on the street or in any place public I will ignore you. This is not because I am rude, but  rather because I am respectful that if you are with other people and we say “hello” you will be forced to explain who I am. If you come talk to me,I will talk and be friendly, but I am wanting to protect your right to confidentiality.

However, there are times when a therapist is legally obligated to break confidentiality:

Harm to self or others.? If a therapist believes that you are in imminent danger of hurting yourself or someone else, a family member, police or ambulance
will be called to ensure safety.

A child under the age of 16 or older adult in care is in danger.? In these cases Family and Children’s Services or the police will be called.

A Legal case in Involved.

A client experienced a health emergency during a session.? In this case, medical staff would be provided only with necessary information.? No information? 
about why a client is in therapy will be shared.

Question : What do I need to attend my therapy sessions?

Make sure that you are in a silent environment where you won't be disturbed in the 50 mins that you're investing on your Mental health.Devices that you must have for the session are-

  1. Laptop/PC with webcam (Preferred) or a Smartphone to join the video call
  2. 4G/5G or a stable Wifi connection
  3. Therapy notebook 
  4. Pen/Pencil
Question : What does the first session look like?

In the first session we tap into the issues and your concerns which you would like to work upon in therapy. We also tap into different spheres of your life to understand different stressors.Sometimes this process might get even extended till 2 sessions for some clients.An assessment sheet is also shared  with you once the first session ends. The results of this assessment sheet are discussed with you in the 2nd session.

Question : How do I know this is the right therapist for me?
Do you feel comfortable with your therapist?
Can you be honest and open with your therapist?
Is your therapist responsive to your concerns and questions?
Do you feel confident in their understanding of your concern?
Are you confident in their ability to help you with your concern?

Having a good fit makes a significant difference in making progress in counseling. It is recommended that you give your therapist 2-3 visits to find a connection, unless  you are able to tell immediately that the personality fit is not going to click, in which case it makes the most sense to make a switch at that time.

Question : How long will appointments last?

Appointments are 50 minutes.This is the standard length of a counseling session.

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